Sea and Beaches in Apulia

A choice of the Adriatic or the Ionian Sea

Sea and Beaches in Apulia

About the beaches in Apulia

In Italy the coast is never more then 2 hours away, but nowhere so close as in Apulia. From B&B Villa Lavanda it is a 25 min. drive to the beaches  at Chiatona on the Ionian sea, somewhat North of Taranto and to the Adriatic coast it is 48 km. Often you can combine visiting a nice town with some hours at the beach.

The sea comes in many colours from licht blue to deep blue and from azure to deep green and the beaches are in general sand beaches (95%), while paid beaches are always  sand beaches.

Apulia know several blue flag beaches. Marina di Ginosa and  Castellaneta, both a bit north of Chiatona are within easy reach from Villa Lavanda. Other blue flag beaches near Villa Lavanda: OstuniPolignano a MareMonopoli.

Sea and Beaches in Apulia: Many take an umbrella and sunbedsYou pay around 15 euro’s for 2 sun beds and a parasol for 2 persons and private beaches have many advantages: more comfort, toilets and showers, a bar for coffee, icecreams, cold water and a piece of focaccia. Sometimes they have e real restaurant.

At B&B Villa Lavanda the use of beach towels and a beach bag are included.

The sea and beaches in Apulia are always nearby

The beaches near the conservancy area of  Torre Guaceto, where we made the photo here below, are extremely beautiful. This area lies a bit before Brindisi on the Adriatic Sea. They have several activities there like a tour with a guide and diving workshops.

Diving with a Guide.

Included are a tour by boat, diving instructions (every level) and a 12 lt. tank. This is possible all year around and the duration of the whole tour is 2 hours of which the diving will be 50 minutes. In 2015 the cost is 33 euro’s per person and you can book on number (0039)3383537286. A link to the website here.

More about the conservancy area of Torre Guaceto here.

The sea at Torre Guaceto a national park near Brindisi



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