English speaking hostess






English speaking hostess

Guest entrance freedom of coming and going

Guest entrance freedom of coming and going

Breakfast on the covered veranda

Breakfast on the covered veranda








logeren bij Nederlanders op het platteland van Puglia

Oasis of peace

oasis of peace

Welcome at Villa Lavanda

Located in the rolling Apulian countryside, Villa Lavanda is the perfect starting point to explore the region. I am Jenny, your Dutch hostess and living in Apulia since April 1997. That means that I can tell you a lot about the region.

I’ve  also made an Info book with lots of information about trips that you can make from Villa Lavanda, special excursions, the most beautiful beaches and recommended restaurants. My book is going to be your guide in Apulia.

We provide bathrobes, slippers, towels and a hairdryer so that you have to carry less luggage.

I would like to welcome you to this beautiful part of Italy.

Arrivederci in Puglia!

Would you already like to have a sample of the atmosphere, then look here.


Villa Lavanda the Rooms





ontbijt met vers geperst

You can let me know your breakfast wishes in advance. Breakfast is different every day. You can choose from coffee or tea, in season there is freshly squeezed orange juice from nearby citrus groves and out of season there is water with lemon slices. Further fresh fruit, eggs prepared in various ways, bread and cornetti, yogurt and breakfast cereals, homemade marmalade, cheese and cold cuts. Usually breakfast is served on the covered porch. It is a nice starting point for your day here in Apulia. Are you a vegetarian or do you have a diet?  Please indicate in the breakfast form.

Breakfast is the moment that I would like to hear from you how last day was and what the plans are for that day. You can always approach me for suggestions or help with your plans.



Why book with Villa Lavanda


If you book directly with us and stay longer than 3 nights you will receive an increasing discount over the entire duration. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a drink to recover from your travels and every day starts with a fantastic breakfast on the covered veranda. I have been living in Apulia since 1997 and can therefore tell you a lot about the region. In your room you will find my information book about Apulia with the nicest places, the beaches on the Adriatic- and Ionian Sea and the recommended restaurants.

You can participate in a cooking workshop Apulian cuisine, with the best regional products and with subsequent meal.  See Workshops. Customization is also possible.

Look here for more reasons.

There are E-bike tours in the region always with a visit to a special location with, for example, a wine tasting or cheese making demonstration. Very special is the dolphin spotting excursion from Taranto. This must be booked well in advance, because it is much in demand.

News from B&B Villa Lavanda and from the region:


First of all, I am currently working on the site.

I had to reload all photos and that is a lot of work because you also have to re-create all image groups (sliders and modula’s) and then change something here and there and all kinds of Corona rules that you have to sort through etc. In short, a lot of work. This may make the site look a bit messy at the moment, but I hope to get it all back together in the short term. July 21:  It is not going as fast as I would like. A lot of time has gone into preparatory work for passing the deed of a beautiful villa bought by clients. How will they enjoy this beautiful house with large pool!


Apulia B&B Adults only

Also new is that B&B Villa Lavanda is now completely Adults Only. This guarantees the peace of our guests and now all guests are at least 18 years old. This unless a family books all 3 rooms, but even then, only children aged 10 years and older.


The Corona Virus:


Fortunately, Puglia is not nearly as hard hit as the North of Italy. The restrictive measures came earlier here and were much stricter here than elsewhere. Guests who have previously booked will keep the balance of their deposit until at least the end of next year. If it has not worked out before, we will deal with this smoothly and it can also be postponed for another year. Even if you book now for later this year, we will apply the same rules, if restriction measures are reintroduced there or here. Everything is pretty much open again, with here and there some limitations with regard to e.g. distance. For the Corona rules see this document. To reduce the chance of the guests meeting each other, I decided to make only 2 of the 3 rooms available for the time being. This to reduce traffic in and around the house.



Makeover Room Mt Lavinia:


Zitje en kast in kamer Mt Lavinia B&B Villa Lavanda in Puglia

The makeover is over. Beautiful wallpaper from England behind the bed and chest of drawers. This room is therefore very popular. A bigger bed (1.60 × 2.00, just like in Arwav) and a new style. The beautiful chest of drawers has been given a new look as well as the table and decorations. For the makeover I used Tin Piercing and Tin Punching. Old techniques from the time of the pioneers in the American countryside from an era without refrigerators. They then sat like panels in cupboards in which food was stored. The original old furniture is now worth a lot of money. The aim was to circulate air and cool the food, without access to insects or mice. It is therefore also called Pie Safes

It is possible to discuss a Tin Piercing workshop here.




Free Dinner:


1 mile from B&B Villa Lavanda in Apulia

A free dinner at Masseria Vecchia Mastro Marco or Masseria La Mandra if you book at least 7 nights directly with us before March 31 for a stay before the end of 2020. Given the Corona crisis, we will extend this offer until December 31, 2020 and also apply to bookings for a stay in 2021. The decisive factor is whether you booked before  January 1, 2021.







Limited time offer

If you book directly with us before July 31st for a stay in 2020 until November 14th:


  • Apulia visit the beaches on 2 different coast from B&B Villa LavandaEvery 5th booker receives a welcome package with snacks and a bottle of Spumante for a stay of at least 3 nights.
  • For a stay of 6 nights, the 7th night is free plus the welcome pack.

To be clear: other offers and discounts do not apply.

There are still places available both at the end of July and in the other periods until November 14. Until the end of October it is lovely to swim here, both in the Adriatic and in the Ionian Sea and in the autumn there are many pleasant events here, both in Noci (53 restaurants in and around Noci) and in the area, eg also in Alberobello.

So don’t miss this opportunity and come to beautiful Puglia!



Car rental company Sunny Cars: extra flexibility and hygiene during i.v.m. Corona


Autohuur Villa LavandaFor more info on the conditions of Sunny Cars, in our opinion the best car rental comparison site, click here.


If you want to book with Sunny Cars right away, click here.





Matera a beautiful city


45 minuten naar Matera vanuit B&B Villa Lavanda

This beautiful old town is only a 45 minute drive from Villa Lavanda and will be very popular this year because this city was European Capital of Culture in 2019. Matera is really worth a day of your holiday with its cave houses, old churches and frescoes!

In 2019 and early this year, recordings were also made for the new Bond film, the premiere of which has been postponed due to the virus.

In 2020 an exhibition of the images of Salvador Dalì.