Flights to Bari

From the Netherlands there are flights to Bari with the following  companies:





Flights to Bari with Ryanair

Has direct flights in about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Maastricht-Aachen, Brussels- Charleroi en Düsseldorf-Weeze. These flights take 2 hours and 20 minutes. These flights (return ticket) can often, when booked in advance, be found for only 40 euro’s. But they also have flights from London Stansted to Bari and Brindisi. Brindisi is a further away, but an alternative in case departure and arrival times are more convenient.

From Dublin there are direct flights to Bari now. They take about 3,5 hours.

They have also flights from several German cities, from Rome and Paris and many other places to Bari.

Ryanair flights are with hand luggage only, 2 pieces nowadays. It is possible to book extra luggage and even possible to make a difference in the quantity of luggage on your outgoing and incoming flights. Do check their (and others’) rules very well.

Advisable: for 10 euros per flight you can book seats with extra length for your legs and this way you can avoid to cue for a long time, because that gives you priority rights.

All Companies:

What are the rules if you want to bring liquids in your hand luggage? Liquids must be offered apart and in quantities of max. 100 ml. a piece in a transparant resealable pouch of max. 1 liter per person. Under these rules i.e. perfumes, toothpaste, liquid for contact lenses, make up (like mascara, lipstick, nail polish), creams and deodo- rants. These rules apply for all airports in the European Union. Pouches that meet the European rules can be bought in many shops and supermarkets.

Be sure to check in online, since it will cost you dearly of you don’t. But be aware that once you have checked in, it will be impossible to make any changes to your ticket, so maybe it’s better not to  check in for your return flight! Many times that goes automatically with your outgoing flight, so you have to exclude that.

For baby food, medicines and cooling units for medicines you can bring in unlimited quantities for use during your journey. These you do not have to put in a resealable pouch, but you still have to offer them apart at the hand luggage control. You can also bring an empty bottle or bidon.

Flights to Bari with Transavia:

They have several direct flights a week from Amsterdam to Bari. The price for a return ticket with 10 kg. (plus a coat and 1 bag with taxfree) of hand luggage is from 100 euro’s, but if you have to travel a lot for the Ryanair flights or even stay in a hotel, it might be much easier and even less expensive. The duration of these flights is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Of course it’s possible to book extra luggage, but the quantity has to be the same on both flights. Be always aware that when flights are carried out by sister companies, other rules might apply.

Flights to Bari with Alitalia:

Daily has many flights from Amsterdam to Bari, but always with a stop at Venice, Milan or Rome. Their tickets cost more, but you have a right to hand luggage as well as a suitcase up to 23 kg., a chosen seat and a snack. A return ticket from about 285 euro’s. The snack many times is not served as many of their flights will be executed by KLM or Air France. If that is so, it will also be impossible to check in online! In that case there will be a message that the service is not available yet. That is very incon- venient, they should say right away that in this case you have to check in on the airport, this way people will lose their sleep trying and trying again! The advantage is that you do not have to pay extra for your check in at the airport.

For all information goes: we have that from the sites of the airline companies and it can be undergoing changes. We do not take any responsibility for that, you always have to check and we can not put all the rules here, only an idea for what you have to look.

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