During your stay at B&B Villa Lavanda you can choose from the following workshops:



The Apulian Cuisine

De Pugliese keuken il timballo

It is possible to participate in this (hands on) cooking workshop  Apulian Cuisine with subsequent lunch or dinner. You learn not only to make a few dishes, but also more about the Apulian cuisine, the regional passion for food and wine. You learn more about the techniques and ingredients of traditional Apulian recipes. High-quality seasonal products are used during the workshop. The workshop is given by my daughter Dita, possibly together with her husband Giuseppe at Villa Lavanda or Masseria La Mandra.


Tin Punching of Tin Piercing


The difference is simply put: Piercing means holes and Punching only dents. Piercing can be associated with an old-fashioned home-made nutmeg grater or, here in the countryside still in frequent use: a home-made large cheese grater with a wooden box underneath.


How I learned it


For the makeover of room Mt Lavinia, I learned the for me new techniques of Tin Piercing and Tin Punching. Old techniques from the days of pioneers in the American countryside from an era without refrigerators. They were then like panels in cupboards where food was stored and were often literally made from beaten cans. The original old furniture is now worth a lot of money. The aim was to circulate air and to cool food (e.g. pies) without giving access to insects or mice. They are also called Pie Safes.


The Workshop


It is now possible to participate in a workshop on the principles of these techniques and to return home with your first self-made Tin Piercing or Punching panel and perhaps make many more in the future. If you are a handy Do-It-Selver, you can make an old-style piece of furniture yourself after this workshop. But they also fit well into a modern interior and often, as I did, into an existing piece of furniture. The technique can also be used for other decorative purposes. I give the workshop at Villa Lavanda.


  Understanding your horse better:


Workshop paarden PugliaYou can participate in this workshop at Masseria La Mandra. The workshop is given by my daughter Dita. You can choose between a) understand your horse better or b) one or more topics from our program or at your choice. It is also possible to put together a 5-day program. A simple subsequent lunch is possible for € 25.00 per person.


Workshops in General:


It is possible to book several workshops in one or more categories and possibly agree a tailor-made program. The duration of the workshops is always 2.5 – 3 hours + (if applicable) the subsequent meal. The costs are € 85.00 per person. If there is only one participant, it becomes a private lesson and costs € 170.00. With more than 2 people, the workshop will take a little longer. If you follow multiple workshops with us, you will receive a 5 euro discount per person on all workshops. It is important that you book in time, so that we can plan well. In principle, workshops can take place both in the morning and in the afternoon. 

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