Why Booking at B&B Villa Lavanda?

At B & B Villa Lavanda it’s all about the guests!


There are also many services included that make you feel more comfortable, but also make that you need to take less luggage with you.


Who are the guests?


Most guests of Bed & Breakfast Villa Lavanda come without children. This because they are now living on their own or go  on holiday independently of their parents.  Other couples  have no children yet. Only in room ARWAV in the months of July or August sometimes guests stay who travel together with one child of at least 10 years. Therefore the peace of our guests is guaranteed.

Guests who book at B & B Villa Lavanda come from the Netherlands and Belgium and many other countries. Sometimes guests also come to find a (holiday) home in this region and call in my help. Room  ARWAV (A Room With A View) is often booked by 2 friends, mother and daughter, father and son etc. Optional with or without the use of  the single bed. Guests might also come  in small groups: befriended couples or family members enjoying their holidays together.

Is it also suitable for solo travellers? Yes absolutely, why not!

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We do speak English, Dutch, Italian, German and still some French. 


That  for most guests is a big advantage  You always have a backup in your own language, a hostess who can assist you if there is something, such as a car damage, problems with the car rental, lost luggage etc. or booking a restaurant or excursion for you.

The guest entrance of Villa Lavanda


guest entrance B&B Villa LavandaYou get a key and can therefore  come and go as you please. Around the house, all lighting stays on until 01:00 AM so that it is easy to find your way back home. Occasionally also spend also some  time “at home”. There are 3 verandas available and we have a very nice garden. Think of reading, sunbathing, coffee or tea that you can make in the guest lounge, drink a bottle of wine or spumante after you have eaten pizza in town. Parking is on site and that is really convenient, you never have to look for a parking space.

A lot of services are included:


And that is a good reason to book at Bed & Breakfast Villa Lavanda, the many included services.

We also think as much as possible of environmentally friendly solutions, without compromising on comfort.

The above and many other reasons explain why booking at B&B Villa Lavanda is an excellent decision.


What do our guests do?

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