A House in Apulia

I can help you find your dream house in Apulia and buy it

I accompany you during the entire process.




The above photos are for illustration purposes only and are not for sale through me. There are, however, some that are now for sale if there is one that appeals to you.

The search for a house is usually a time-consuming matter and I can help you to reduce this as much as possible and to search specifically for the house in Apulia that you would like to buy. Your dream home! It is also true that few real estate agents here are really good at speaking other languages ​​and it is good to have someone on your side who is not bound by any of them, who only looks after your interests and also translates for you.

It is important to make an inventory in advance of the type of house you are looking for and what the available budget is. Is it going te be a holiday home or do you want to move to Apulia and live here permanently? It is also very important to determine in which town or area you are looking. Some areas are also slightly higher in price than others. Should there be trulli or not?  Of course also important if you are looking for a fix or a house that has already been renovated, with or without swimming pool or the possibility to make one. After that I will send you a portfolio with eligible houses and then  you can choose the houses  you want to view during your stay here.

I also make the appointments with the real estate agents and owners, so that your time here is fully utilized.

My guidance is complete, from looking for a house to until passing the deed at the notary.

For the conditions and method, I request you to send a message via the contact form below.


Currently for sale:


The price of this house recently has been reduced from € 350.000,00 to € 299.900,00 and is a straightforward bargain for a house of this size and very recently completely renovated.  There is for example an en-suite bathroom for each bedroom. A total of 350 M2 and surrounded by spacious verandas and a beautiful spacious garden. It is possible to make a swimming pool. This could very well be a house to buy together with a group of friends or family, because there is room for everyone!

On the ground floor:

a kitchen

two living rooms

a bedroom with bathroom

On the 1st floor 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

The distance to the beaches of Castellaneta Marina is half an hour and to the places Castellaneta and Gioia del Colle both 15 minutes.

The garden is completely fenced.

A complete basement floor

Some outbuildings that may be converted into 2 rooms + bathrooms