Welcome at Villa Lavanda

Located in the rolling Apulian countryside, Villa Lavanda is the perfect starting point to explore the region. I am Jenny, your Dutch hostess and living in Apulia since April 1997. That means that I can tell you a lot about the region.

I have made an Information book about Apulia with excursions that are possible from Villa Lavanda: special excursions, the most beautiful beaches and the recommended restaurants. You don’t have to prepare, because my book is going to be your guide in Apulia.

With us a delicious extensive breakfast, sweet and savory, use of bathrobes and slippers, hairdryer and beach towels etc. This so that you have to take less luggage from home. Look here for all included services.

I would like to welcome you to this beautiful part of Italy.

Arrivederci in Puglia!

Would you already like to have a sample of the atmosphere, then look here.


Villa Lavanda the Rooms

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ontbijt met vers geperst

You can let me know your breakfast wishes in advance. Breakfast is different every day. You can choose from coffee or tea, in season there is freshly squeezed orange juice from nearby citrus groves and out of season there is water with lemon slices. Further fresh fruit, eggs prepared in various ways, bread and cornetti, yogurt and breakfast cereals, homemade marmalades, cheese and cold cuts. Usually breakfast is served on the covered porch. It is a nice starting point for your day here in Apulia. Are you a vegetarian or do you have a diet?  Please indicate in the breakfast form.


Breakfast is the moment I would like to hear how you were last day and what the plans are for this day. Of course, you can always contact me for help with your plans. If your return flight is very early or you have an early trip, you can also ask me (if made known in time) to make a take-away breakfast for you.

During Corona we do it a little differently: each room has its own breakfast table and things like  butter dish and marmalade etc. we keep strictly separate per room in the fridge, as we always did.  


Why book with Villa Lavanda

If you book directly with us, you will receive an increasing discount over the entire duration from 3 nights. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a drink to recover from traveling and every day starts with a fantastic breakfast on the covered porch. I have been living in Apulia since 1997 and can therefore tell you a lot about the region. In your room you will find my information book about Apulia with the nicest places, the beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea and the recommended restaurants. There is now also a separate guide for vegetarian and vegan restaurants outside the regular one with recommended restaurants in Noci and the surrounding area.  If you want to buy a house in Apulia , I can also help you from searching to the deed at the notary.

Many activities and excursions can be booked in the region.

My topper is and remains the excursion dolphin watching from Taranto. Keep in mind that you have to book this in advance, because there is a lot of interest in it.

You can participate in a cooking workshop Apulian cuisine, with the best regional products and with subsequent meal.  See Workshops. Customization is also possible.


Centrally located

As you can see on the map below, Villa Lavanda is very centrally located. An hour’s drive from Bari airport and very easy to find. From Brindisi Airport half an hour longer. Sometimes the shorter route to  the departing airport from your starting point makes this still interesting. Very easy to drive for excursions are Bari, Taranto, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli and all the beaches south of it, Ostuni, Alberobello, Cisternino, Ceglie Messapica and many other interesting places. Matera only 45 min. from departure here and also Martina Franca and the Itrie Valley very easy to reach. Alberobello at 17 km. and Locorotondo is also very close from there. Before departure, download the map of Apulia in your phone or navigation and already enter B&B Villa Lavanda in Noci and you will get here without stress. You always need a rental car in Apulia, not only with us, but in general. For a recommendation for the best car rental comparison site, see the bottom of this page.

Cycling in Apulia

We have bikes for rent, but only for those who stay with us and rent 2 bikes from us for at least 2 days and order them in advance. In case you only want to cycle and do not rent a car we can pick you up at the train station in Gioia del Colle or the bogey train in Noci and in Noci there is also a man who rents out cars at reasonable prices, even without a credit card.  It is in itself quite possible to explore the area by bike, the distances you can reach are of course less, but you also go to places where others do not come. Pre-ordering is absolutely necessary and in the months of July and August not possible because it is too hot to cycle. In terms of meals, you can then do lunch on the way and buy something for dinner on the way or eat at the Agriturismo on days they are open.

News from B&B Villa Lavanda and from the region:


Apulia B&B Adults only

For several years now, B&B Villa Lavanda has been Adults Only. With this we guarantee the tranquility of our guests and now all guests are at least 18 years old.  This unless a family books all 3 rooms.



Cooperation with the neighbours

for larger groups in Apulia

We have 3 rooms, but if you are with a larger group, this is possible in cooperation with the neighbours located 150 meters from here on the same private road. If there is no longer availability at Villa Lavanda or not enough rooms are available, I can ask my grandson Pierre who manages the bookings there.

From 2023, their Agriturismo restaurant will also be opened again and my daughter Dita will be in charge there. Not open every day, but probably Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday and probably more often in summer. This gives you the opportunity to arrive on foot at the restaurant and everybody can enjoy alcoholic drinks.

Diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan can be taken into account both here and in the restaurant.


Your dream home in Apulia?

On this page some examples of houses that are now for sale and with which you can realize a considerable increase in value. Look here.

The latest trend: now that house prices are sky-high elsewhere sell your house there and for the difference between mortgage and selling price buy a house here without a mortgage. Almost everyone can now work online and that makes it a viable option for working people to do your work in the Netherlands,  Belgium, UK or elsewhere from Apulia.

Of course, you can also buy a house for the holidays, alone or together with others. If you want to rent it out in periods when you do not stay there yourself, you can realize an extra piece of income. This yields a lot more than putting your money in the bank and soon also a piece of extra pension or the place where you will spend your retired life.

High gas and electricity tariffs

Yes, also here in Italy the costs are quite high, but at the moment a lot less high than in some other countries. Moreover, it can be a very advantageous choice to move to Apulia.  See here for more information.

I have made a booklet about buying and living in Apulia. To receive that send me a message.

Book your stay before March 1 and get a discount:

If you book directly with us in the period up to 31 January of the coming year for at least 7 nights in the following year, you can benefit an etra discount of 5%.

The calculation is then as follows:

Accommodation costs rooms Mt Lavinia and Arwav in the months April to June and second half of September to 25 October € 96.00 per night:

With 7 nights there is always a discount of 6% and this becomes € 631.75.

If you book before 1 February of the coming year, you will receive an extra discount of 5% and it will be € 600.25 and you will only pay € 85.75 per night.

You can also do this if you do not yet know the exact dates, because the dates can still be changed.

From July 1 till September 14  and from 25 October to 31 March, the calculation shall be:

Accommodation costs rooms Mt Lavinia and Arwav € 101.00 per night and with 7 nights there is always a discount of 6% and this becomes € 664.00.

If you book before 31 January of the coming year, you will receive an extra 5% discount and it will be € 630.80 and you will only pay € 90.10 per night.


Hiking in Apulia


Hiking in Apulia

Beautiful pictures of hiking opportunities nearby. I am busy with the site and not an experienced hiker. If you are those experienced hiker(s) and birdwatchers, please report to Villa Lavanda. You get a 40% discount on your stay on condition that you write a piece for the website about the various possibilities of hiking and birdwatching and a guide for the hikers.



Matera a magnificent City!


Matera een juweel van een stad

This beautiful old city is only a 45 minute drive from Villa Lavanda and will be very popular this year because this city was European Capital of Culture in 2019. Matera is really worth a day of your holiday with its cave houses, old churches and frescoes!

Matera appears in the new Bondfilm and in many other films as well.


Car rental company Sunny Cars:

Persistent scarcity of rental cars.

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Due to the corona crisis in the past years, there is a shortage of rental cars. Our advice is therefore: do you want to be sure of a rental car? Do not wait to make a reservation, but make the reservation as soon as the holiday plans are known. To make making a reservation as easy as possible, Sunny Cars will add its Flex service to every booking free of charge now. Thanks to the Flexservice, it is possible to cancel without costs – and more importantly: without specifying the reason – until shortly before the start of the rental.  What is new is that the cancellation period has been further relaxed to 1 hour before the start of the rental. The tenant is not tied to anything after the reservation and there is maximum flexibility!  New 2023: avoid that you no longer get your rental car and your money because your flight is delayed: when booking, enter your flight number, do not set the start time of the car rental too shortly after arrival and contact us in case of delay, so make sure you have a contact number with you.

Your best option:

All-in car rental formula
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3.            Reimbursement of excess including

4.            Compensation for glass-tyres-bottom-roof damage

5.            Sunny2go travel assistant with every booking

6.            Free cancellation up to 1 hour before rental start with the free Flexservice

Rental car in Puglia 2023:

Persistent scarcity of rental cars.

Due to the corona crisis, there is a shortage of rental cars. Our advice is therefore: do you want to be sure of a rental car? Do not wait to make a reservation, but make the reservation as soon as the holiday plans are known. To make a reservation as easy as possible, Sunny Cars will add its Flex service to every booking free of charge. Thanks to the Flexservice, you can cancel until shortly before the start of the rental without costs – and more importantly: without specifying the reason.  What is new is that the cancellation period has been further relaxed to 1 hour before the start of the rental. You are not  tied to anything after the reservation and there is maximum flexibility!

Autohuur Villa Lavanda

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Nowadays it is also possible to check in via the app before arrival.






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